Monday, June 18, 2012

church crawling again :)

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Revisions have landed, so I’ve spent the weekend thinking about them. Which effectively means I went out doing nerdy stuff with DH. We had to nip into town to get Madam a new water bottle (Byron pinched it and chewed it to pieces), then afterwards he decided we’d go out for a little bit of nerdiness. I do wish he’d warn me if he’s planning to go churchcrawling, so I have my camera with me (not to mention Pevsner). I apologise in advance for these pics being awful, because I had to resort to the iPod - which is fine for little snaps but isn’t really up to the job.

Anyway. This is St Michael at Coston – it’s a redundant church, but I’m glad it’s still open as it’s so pretty. You can actually still see the rood stairs there. (And go up them a little way. If you’re thin enough. The Wife of Bath would definitely not have managed it.)

I was taken by this headstop.

And then there was Runhall – another of the gorgeous round-towered churches in Norfolk.

The thing I liked there was the sanctuary ring on the door.

Actually, that’s a fib. I was also really, really taken by the little church organ – one of those you have to pump by hand – which was given in memory of those who’d died in the first world war. Sadly, my picture of it is utterly awful, and even fiddling with it on iPhoto hasn’t helped :o( But it really made me think of Thomas Hardy. All we would've needed were sheep in the meadow next door... (Yup, Hardy's Dorset rather than Norfolk. But the two counties have a lot in common.)

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Nell Dixon said...

I love that someone else shares my passion for buildings and esp church architecture. Love the pics.