Thursday, June 23, 2011

still on deadline (and very nice review)

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Deadline looming (though the book is going better now and I wrote a mammoth amount yesterday; lovely when it flows like that. Touching wood frantically now so I don’t jinx it!). So instead of writing here I’ll post a lovely review I came across for Champagne with a Celebrity – nicer still, Chris Redding’s husband is a parfumier (that’s the French term, btw, and is also valid in England :o) ) and my hard work on research paid off. Thank you, Chris, for such a nice review. Glad you enjoyed it.

I picked up Champagne with a Celebrity by Kate Hardy because the hero is a perfumer. My husband is a perfumer and he always bugs me to write one into one of my novels… Ms. Hardy gave her characters a lot of depth. They were three-dimensional and, frankly, I wanted to meet them in real life. I was rooting for these two to get together and I forgot that it was inevitable they would.

(You can read the whole thing here.)

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