Monday, June 13, 2011

the lure of greasepaint

Current work: Medical
Listening to: Nickelback
Reading: Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Save (enjoyed)

Jekyll and Hyde was excellent – the staging was superb, and I especially enjoyed the “confrontation” scene; am trying to work out if it was a Pepper’s Ghost with Hyde in the mirror, or whether it was done by film, as it was when it went to the large window. Great cast (especially the actress playing Lucy – couldn’t believe how long she held the notes in some of the songs!) and son really enjoyed it. The finale was beautiful, too, as they did a requiem. Oh, and if you want to see bits from it, there’s an official trailer here on YouTube. (About 1:26 is part of the confrontation scene, and a longer bit at 1:57 – the staging here is very clever.)

It felt a bit strange going with just one child; it reminded me very much of going to Wednesday matinees in half term with my mum. I do hope my children end up with similar lovely memories of going with me. (My dad wasn’t into the theatre at all – the only times he came with me were to see Jacques Louissier and Sky. But I remember both of those and really enjoyed the performances.)

Have discovered that daughter’s fave musical is playing here in her birthday month; DH and son loathe it and say they don’t want to go, so it’s going to be a girly treat for her :o)

Righty. Head down and time to work – deadline ahoy…

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Cara Cooper said...

I saw M Pellow in Chicago and he was great. Another on my list is War Horse - we bought tickets for some relative's golden wedding anniversary and they said it was the best thing they'd seen on stage - ever!