Friday, June 17, 2011


Current work: Medical
Listening to: Beethoven, Symphony 7 (love the second movement – better still if it’s played with a slightly slower tempo – very nice version conducted by Charles Latshaw here on YouTube) and Mozart, Requiem
Reading: Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Keep (finished – nice cliffhanger and set-up ready for the next book)

I’m keeping myself deliberately busy this weekend – it’s Father’s Day, and it’ll be my first one without my dad. This is probably why I haven’t been sleeping properly all week and have been playing Boggle on the iPad or listening to Mozart at 3am. (Obviously downstairs and on headphones, so I don’t wake DH.) Not sure if I’m feeling tearful this morning because of the scene I’m writing, or because of lack of sleep/missing my parents.

At the same time, Father’s Day is DH’s special day with the kids, so I can’t be miserable and grumpy, for their sake. Have bought some nice flowers to put on his grave tomorrow – and bought myself some gorgeous scented stocks. And I happen to be out for lunch today with some nice friends to celebrate a birthday, so hopefully that will cheer me up a bit.

Have a nice weekend.


Shirley Wells said...

I know just what you mean about Father's Day. Sending hugs.

Morton S Gray said...

Try to make Father's Day a day to remember all the good times. It will be my 22nd year without my Dad! Hugs. Mx