Friday, June 10, 2011

...and a really big treat

Current work: Medical
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Shirley Wells, Presumed Dead (finished this morning. Excellent; the characterisation is brilliant, and I can't wait for the next two in the series)

Busy day today – sports day for littlest this morning, and although I have a ton to do, I can’t let her down by not watching her.

Then I have a really big treat - am off to the theatre tonight with son (who was very chuffed yesterday to learn that he’s got all his GCSE first choices, and as one of them is Drama we can justify the theatre trips I’ve already booked, and add to them – yay!).

This is what we’re going to see:

(I should add, I did offer tickets to DH and daughter as well, but they said no. So Theatre Buddy and I are going to eat lots of ice cream enjoy the show, then be picked up by our chauffeurs and annoy them by talking about what a good show they missed.)

One thing I will be missing is the last part of a drama serial I’ve been watching all week, so if anyone wants to fill me in later re what happens in ‘Injustice’ tonight, I’m all ears :o)


Shirley Wells said...

Aw, I'm blushing here. So glad you enjoyed Presumed Dead. Thank you. :)

Wow, lucky you. That show will be wonderful. Enjoy! (Enjoy the ice cream too... :))

Nell Dixon said...

Ooh, Marty Pellow! Lovely.

Lacey Devlin said...

I hope you have a great time at the threatre, Kate!