Wednesday, June 08, 2011

bit of a treat

Current work: Medical
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Shirley Wells, Presumed Dead (excellent)

I saw this great video on Jill Shalvis’s blog yesterday – I liked the music, and the background stuff was hilarious. Anyway – I needed a slight procrastination moment while I thought about how to fix the current chapter (duh, obvious, switch the viewpoint), and I looked up the rest of their stuff on YouTube.

So if you want a treat – click here for a cover of Michael Buble’s “Everything”. And here for a medley I really, really liked. Oh, and here for Justin on his own singing my all-time fave Buble song.

Enjoy, while I'm back at the typeface :o)


Catherine said...

Hi Kate,

You distracted me and I distracted my daughter.

She was revising chemistry. (Oops!)

We like the Paramour cover (Airplanes/Brick by Boring Brick).

The very cute small dog makes a guest appearance in that one too!

Kate Hardy said...

Catherine - sorry for distracting you both! (And good luck to your daughter in her exams.)

The dog is just genius, isn't he?