Thursday, April 07, 2011

a red letter day

Current work: writing new outline

Listening to: Joe Bonamassa, Dust Bowl

Reading: (this could seriously mess up work. Do I write the outline today and then loaf off tomorrow and read ‘To Marry a Prince’ in one lovely gulp? Or do I let myself have a bit of a treat today and read a bit before doing my outline, knowing full well I never put any of Jenny Haddon’s books down until I’ve reached the end? Hmm…)

Today is definitely a good day. Firstly, my office chair arrived. (It’s not a pretty chair, but is so, so, SO much more comfy than my falling-apart one.) Then I saw my book on sale on the shelves.

And the third thing? A new five-book contact to sign :o) Excellent. And just what I need to motivate me to write the outline. (My editor, however, might regret her suggestion that I do two linked medicals, when she sees what I’m proposing – something a wee bit outside the box…)

Oh, and before I forget to post this - I'm doing a workshop in Norwich for Mills & Boon as part of the Royal Wedding celebrations. Details are here on M&B's facebook page - basically I'm at West Earlham Library on Thurs 28 April from 10.-11.30. To book your place, just contact the library - 01603 451881 /

Quite a few other authors are running workshops, too - more info over at the M&B events page.


Nell Dixon said...

Fabulous news on the contract - yay!!

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on your contract Kate!

Anonymous said...

Oh - a comfy office chair. Bliss! Many congrats on your new books and a FIVE book contract? Wowza. That truly is excellent. :-)

liz fenwick said...

Five fabulous books! You go girl :-)