Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bluebells, Royal Wedding Workshop and reviews

Current work: revisions on Riva
Listening to: Gary Moore
Reading: next on TBR (but I have been reading and enjoying a lot over the Easter hols, including Sarah Duncan’s “A Single to Rome”, Michael Dibdin’s “Vendetta” and “Ratking”, Julie Cohen’s “Getting Away With It”, Sue Welfare’s “The Surprise Party”, Fiona Lowe’s “The Most Magical Gift” (which happens to mention me in the dedication, so I was chuffed - and it's a lovely book), Kelly Hunter’s “The Man She Loves To Hate” and Jon Trace’s “The Rome Prophecy” which I read on the plane and loved being able to "see" the places because I'd just visisted them)
Righty. I’m assuming you’d like me to break up the Rome pictures a bit because there are a lot (even though the ones here are selected), so here’s a quick catchup.

Went to Foxley Wood on Monday and it was just gorgeous. Here’s what we saw. (And yes, they are English bluebells rather than hybrids - bells only on one side of the stalk, narrow bell shape, and scented.)

Royal Wedding – all set for Friday? Good. And if you’re local to me and want to get in the mood, I’m doing a Royal Wedding Workshop at West Earlham Library on Thursday. This is what the M&B website has to say about it:

Event: Mills & Boon Royal Romance Writing Workshop
Event Leader: Kate Hardy
When: Thursday 28th April, 10am-11.30am
Where: West Earlham Library, 17/18 Earlham West Centre, Norwich, NR5 8AD
Contact: To book your FREE place on the writing workshop, please contact 01603 451881 / katherine.stephan@norfolk.gov.uk
Event info:Mills & Boon are hosting a series of royal romance writing workshops for aspiring authors to learn the secrets of writing a successful royal romance novel. Mills & Boon author Kate Hardy will be leading a 'Romantic Reads' session at West Earlham Library, reading from her books and then followed by a Q&A session. All attendees will receive a free Mills & Boon book.

Had a lovely one from Sunita at Dear Author:

Guy is a handsome, charming hero, but he’s also a driven workaholic who can’t imagine life outside his chosen profession. His previous marriage failed because his wife couldn’t cope with his dedication, and he assumes Amber will be the same. Instead, she respects his intelligence and commitment and she looks for ways to help him succeed if a cure can’t be found. Yes, she shops for shoes and texts at the speed of a teenager, but she also takes an intelligent interest in Guy’s business. I really liked the way that you depict their everyday life together in the countryside and in Grasse, and I believed in the HEA of these two very different people.

(Thank you, Sunita. You made my day.)

You can read the whole review here.

And tomorrow it’s back to Rome :o) (Or, in real life: school run, weekly shop and revisions. The exciting life of an author, eh?)

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