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Mothering Sunday, and a visit to Blickling

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Had a lovely day Sunday – put flowers on my mother’s grave, then went to see my stepmum (and her mum, so it was a four-generational thing) to drop off cards and goodies.

After lunch, we went to my favourite National Trust place. (We’ve been to Blickling plenty of times, but it never gets stale.)

The garden was just full of daffodils.

Then there was a nerdy moment. Had we visited St Andrew’s church at Blickling? (Bear in mind there are 1,000 churches in Norfolk, more or less – so that isn’t quite as pathetic a question as it might seem!) I didn’t think we had, because I knew there were some fabulous brasses there and I didn’t have pics. (You know what’s coming…)

This one, of Sir Nicholas Dagworth, dates from 1401; he built the first Blickling Hall (not the one there today, which was built by the Hobart family). It’s lifesize, which is quite stunning.

And I loved the enormous helm behind his head – looks like a dragon.

There’s also a rather lovely one of Roger and Cecily Felthorpe (1454), along with their 11 sons and 5 daughters.

And a terribly sad one of Anne Asteley (nee Wode), who gave birth to twins in 1512 and died shortly afterwards; her brass depicts her carrying the twins.

I also rather liked the lions on the font.

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