Monday, April 04, 2011

phew, the end!

Current work: last readthrough of Riva, then admin stuff

Listening to: Daughtry

Reading: Kate Walker, The Proud Wife (enjoyed)

I had plans for yesterday (of which more information and lots of pictures tomorrow), so I got up early and finished the book first so I could enjoy Mothering Sunday with no guilt whatsoever.

Actually, it’s been quite a busy weekend. On Saturday, we picked up the tickets for our research trip (more of which later in the month), dragged the children off to get new clothes (they hate clothes shopping, but they’d grown out of most of their clothes so it had to be done – nowadays I have to bribe them with lunch out), and bought a new office chair (mine is falling apart and DH was complaining about it; as we went into the city later than usual, we ended up parking near the office supply shop, and in the window there was this really nice chair. On sale. Serendipity, or what?).

Anyway. The book is done, more or less. Just need to do the last readthrough, pick up any holes and inconsistencies, make sure I’ve layered certain things in, and then send it to my ed and agent.

And then I have no excuses. I really have to tidy my desk – and its surroundings. But that’s good thinking time and will let me mull over the new outline (which also needs to be with ed very early this week.)

And in the meantime… I’m talking about Mothering Sunday over at the eHarlequin blog. I was really surprised to learn about the differences between the day in the UK and the US – much more than just the date. (Yeah, it’s one of my nerd posts. Kate Nerdy is back for a while.)


Bluestocking Mum said...

Hello Kate Nerdy. lol.

Hurrah! Well done you.
Hope you had a good mother's day.


Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on finishing your latest Kate!