Friday, April 08, 2011

end of term

Current work: writing new outline (aka avoiding tidying my desk)

Listening to: Joe Bonamassa, Dust Bowl (DH will no doubt make me give it back soon - really like ‘The Last Matador’ in particular)

Reading: Sophie Page, To Marry a Prince (enjoying hugely – grinning for all the right reasons)

Up early this morning to make buttercream icing for the fairy cakes, as daughter had a cake sale at school today in aid of Macmillan nurses (and obviously that’s a cause close to my heart because of my mum). Actually, while we were making the fairy cakes last night, Chlo wanted to check that she was folding in the flour the right way, and it was very much like stepping back in time 35 years with me saying exactly the same thing to my mum. We were using a recipe that had been annotated by my mum, too, so it was quite a bittersweet moment.

Anyway, they made over £100, so that’s good news. And now her mates – who bought some of our cakes – are asking if they can come over and do baking with us. That’s SO sweet. It’d be great fun, actually, and I’m not one who minds about things being dropped accidentally on the floor, so we must schedule something in.

It’s the end of term today, so I’m going to be absent from blogland and FB for a while. What am I doing? Spending a bit of quality time with DH and the kids before revisions hit and I’m back in the cave in a grump. Son also has some English homework – he has to watch “Much Ado”. Takes me right back to uni days, when our tutorial group (including one of the godmothers) did the “play within a play” with Benedick sneaking around while Don Pedro and co talk about how much Beatrice loves him. Best of all, I happen to have a copy of the version he’s supposed to see (yes, the Branagh one), so I will enjoy watching it with him and talking about it afterwards. Actually, that’s the play I think littlest would enjoy as her intro to Shakespeare, but I’m not sure she’s ready for it quite yet.

So I’ll say arrivederci for a week or so. There are research trips in the offing, so I’ll have photos and suitably nerdy stuff to relate when I’m back online.

Oh yes – before I forget! I’m jumping on the bandwagon and setting up a FB fan page. There is a link on the sidebar if you want to “like” me. Or click on Hmm. “Like” me. That sounds immensely needy, but I am using the FB terminology rather than making a sobbing, emotional plea :o)


Donna Alward said...

With a hey nonny nonny! I love that version as well!

This weekend I am starting the spring cleaning. I'm unreasonably excited. Apparently the world has tilted on its axis: I do hate a dirty house MORE than I hate housework. LOL!

Lacey Devlin said...

It's so sweet that the kids want to come and bake with you =)

Liz Fielding said...

Lovely to have little girl bake-ins! Have a lovely week - spare a pity thought for me spring cleaning the garden!

Nan Hartwell said...

Oh, my favorite version of "Much Ado..."

My littlest (who is much taller than me) was a 6-yr-old and already enraptured by Shakespeare. She brought her new birthday treasure--a young person's synopsis of many of WS's plays to school show and tell. A volunteer in her classroom was a retired Shakespearean prof. He spent many hours talking Shakespeare with her.

When her older sister was a senior and her english teacher quit, he was hired to fill in the rest of the year. He did a 6-month Shakespeare unit. By then by youngest was 11--he allowed her to audit the class by sending a second packet of all his notes and assignments home with big sis.

When she (my youngest) did better on an open book test than most of the senior students--he let them know. She inadvertently threw down a gauntlet and most of those kids rose to the challenge.

Presetting is such an important way to present material to young people and they will often rise to unexpected heights.

Hope your week has been delightful!

Kimberly Lang said...

Love the Branagh version of Much Ado. (Actually, I love all the Branagh versions of Shakespeare's stuff -- except that atrocity of Hamlet with Mel Gibson. But then, I was never a big Hamlet fan, anyway.)