Friday, April 11, 2008

and more good news

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I had some great news yesterday. Simply the best. From the school admissions body. Madam is indeed going to the school she wants to go to in September. I am relieved for lots of reasons. It’s sensible for her to go to the school where her brother is now (despite the fact we’re out of the catchment area) because she’ll be with her friends, she knows the school and teachers through her brother, and there’s this little thing called ‘continuity’. And, had she been forced to go to the local junior school, I would’ve had to be in two places, four miles apart, at the exactly the same time. Now, I know I behave as if I’m superwoman and I can do absolutely anything, but that one’s not physically possible... So major cheering from our house.

Also did a nice chunk of the book and had another nice email conversation with my editor. (I have something brewing nicely, so I need to do a proper outline today for the Modern Heat duo and the other four books on the contract are simply ‘books’…) It’s so good to be back on track and know what I’m doing.

And I had a lovely review for The Doctor’s Royal Love Child from Cataromance:

Melinda Fortesque’s life is coming up roses: she loves her job as a country vet in the picturesque Cornish seaside town of Penhally Bay, she has got some
great friends, and she has found the love of her life in the gorgeous Serbo-Croation doctor Dragan Lovak. But Melinda has got a secret. A devastating secret that could ruin her new found happiness: she’s Princess Melinda of Contarini!

Melinda knows that she should tell Dragan the truth. But, just when she’s about to let him know, Dragan drops a bombshell of his own: he wants her to marry him. Melinda accepts, even though she is well aware that when she tells him the truth about her identity, he will hit the roof!

Having escaped from his homeland after the war had killed all of his family, Dragan came to England and through his blood, sweat and tears, managed to carve out a career and a life for himself in Penhally Bay. Since the death of his family, he vowed that he would never let anyone get close to him ever again – but when Melinda showed up in the Bay, the doctor’s fragmented heart began to heal and he found himself falling passionately in love with the country vet.

When Melinda’s brother dies and she has to rush home, she vows to tell Dragan the truth about her life when she returns to Penhally. But the paparazzi have beaten her to it and Dragan is left to realize that the woman he loves has lied to him. Dragan cannot believe that Melinda kept something like this from him – and that a refugee like himself could possibly ever marry a princess!

On her return to Penhally, Dragan informs her that their relationship is over. But Melinda has got some news of her own: she’s pregnant with his baby!

You can always count on award-winning author Kate Hardy to write a heartwarming romance that will tug at your heartstrings and make you cry buckets and in The Doctor’s Royal Love Child, she has once again penned a moving romantic tale of secrets, second chances and new beginnings that you will want to read again and again.

If you’re in the mood for a page-turning romance with plenty of heart, then pick up The Doctor’s Royal Love Child and experience the magic of multi-talented storyteller Kate Hardy!

Thank you, Julie Bonello, for making my day. I loved writing this book, and it’s so nice to hear when people enjoy reading it.

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I'm also celebrating with another special friend who has a book out - Kate Walker, with her 12-point guide to writing romance. Another chance to win books...


India said...

Huge cheers of relief about the school-- there's been loads in our local press about children here who haven't got into any of their schools of choice, or have been separated from siblings (in one case, from their twin!) It's a huge source of stress and anxiety.

And on top of that a productive writing day AND a great review-- did you check your horoscope this week?!


Kate Hardy said...

It said I was going to hear good news about a friend (I have, but I can't congratulate her publicly until she outs herself!), and that someone overseas was going to do wonders for my career. (Hm... wonder if that'll be my new hero, then?)

Melissa Marsh said...

Great news for your daughter! I had to push to get my two kids into a school not in our neighborhood (because the schools in our neighborhood are HORRIBLE). Thank goodness they accepted their applications!

Good job on the writing front! I need to get my tush in gear...

Liz Fielding said...

I'm so pleased about the school. I was lucky in the kids were always able to walk to school (and then I had the school bus stop almost outside the house), but it was Brownies and Cubs that were my nightmare. One started at six, the other finished at six and you're right -- at opposite ends of the town. The dh's worst experience was when I was taking a course and he had to take the dd to ballet classes!