Friday, April 18, 2008

still busybusy

Current work: nonfiction
Listening to: Seahorses, Do It Yourself
Reading: visitation records (they're fascinating)

Busy day yesterday – library, working on the current book, quick field trip for photos. Deadline approaching at speed so I’m off. (Am also out to lunch with Jo and Sarah, but I think the Slowing Down Police might approve of that…)

And I really must learn Latin properly – I can wing it on my knowledge of English and with a dictionary, but it’s not an entirely satisfactory solution. Think I will make that a goal for 2009.

DH and the kids are muttering about a laptop. Sigh. How to persuade them to wait until the bugs have been ironed out of Vista… Have reminded DH of the poor after-sales service of certain big chains, so he’s not going to make that mistake, but Vista… please, not yet. I know too many people who’ve had problems with it (and as for the backward-compatibility issues… sigh. We live in a throwaway society).

Enough. Back to my little cave. (Today it’s pre-Conquest.)


Amy Andrews said...

LOL Kate. I think you're the only person I know who would put something as lofty as learn Latin on next years to-do list and actually mean it.

With you on Vista. My dh who's a computer geek says the same thing - it'll be great in a few years.

Diane said...

People I know who have had Vista forced on them have simply reinstalled their old platforms.

And yes, lunch out is V Good. :o)

Nicolette said...

Hmm, am I the only person who isn't experiencing any problems with their new Vista laptop? Or perhaps I'm only using it so basically, I'm not challenging it and therefore making it screw up?

Hmm, I'll keep plodding on the usual way, methinks.

Jan Jones said...

Latin... Is that before brushing up on your Middle English or afterwards?

Hope lunch was good.

Anonymous said...

Latin, whooo baby no thank you. I just read Beowulf--in old english and i cringe now when i see it.

As for Vista, by 2009 or 2010 the next OS should be out anyways.

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - LOL. I do mean it.

Diane - mm, but what a hassle to have to reinstall the old platform. (And you have to pay for Vista. I could use that money on choc- I mean, music. *g*

Nicolette - glad yours is OK!

Jan - the Middle English is fine. The Old English is a bit rusty, but the Latin is decidedly scrappy. (But six cases... oh, man.) Lunch was lovely, ta.

Lou - I loved Beowulf, but what I'd really recommend is the Exeter Book: wonderful elegies and the Riddles. (Don't get me started on this. I'm verrrrry boring *g*) Too right about the next OS being out soon... just as Vista becomes workable. (Do the developers live in the real world?)