Monday, April 21, 2008

Guess who’s in the Waldies top ten?

Current work: nonfiction (final readthrough and appendices)
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Thank you very much to the readers who’ve put me in the Waldenbooks’ Top 10 list again. Much appreciated, and I do hope you’re enjoying Giovanni!

Spent the weekend working on the book, which included a couple of field trips (because even though I try to take most of the pics in advance, if I discover something during research that would make a good picture, then I need to go back). This is Thetford’s castle motte – claimed to be the tallest manmade medieval earthwork in England (is 89 feet tall - the two ditches in front of it were originally Iron Age earthworks but the ramparts were enhanced when the Norman motte was built).

Son, of course, heads straight up it. Followed by daughter. Followed by DH, after a piteous look from me asking him to keep an eye on them. (This was taken with a zoom lens, btw.) I don’t mind going up – it’s down that’s the problem. Remember, I’m clumsy. And I can see how far down I’ll fall and… Cough.

Besides, my thighs were already protesting from the previous day’s excursion up a church tower in Ranworth. Think 89 very steep spiral steps, plus two ladders and a trapdoor: I got to step 80 and thought about getting down again and wussed out… Instead I examined the gorgeous rood screen and the antiphoner (the latter was the reason for the visit, but the tower happened to be open and I was feeling impulsive. Someone really should save me from myself).

Anyway. DH was very patient. This is why he gets most of my nonfiction dedications and always gets a thank you in the acknowledgements. The kids loved it because we followed up with another castle (well, actually, that was just me because they protested it was too cold to get out of the car, plus the church next to it was shut) and then a walk in the forest.

Today: I'm on the last bit of the book. Just need to read through, smooth things out and make sure certain usages are consistent throughout.

Actually, I think I need two appendices. A timeline and a 'daily life' one. Or maybe three, if I explain the differences between the religious orders. Hmm, hmm. See how it goes.


Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on the listing, Kate!

Nell said...

Congratulations! And I have no head for heights so the thought of ladders - shudder!

Michelle Styles said...

Did you have any doubts?

It is well deserved. A lovely, lovely book.

Amy Andrews said...

Congrats on the Waldies showing.
Giovanni lives and lives and lives - bravo. You go girl.

Melissa Marsh said...

Congrats on the list! And lovely pictures. I'd love to be able to take excursions like that!

Diane said...

It looks like TellyTubbyLand ... :oD

Nice pictures.

And congrats.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - thank you, and congratulations on YOUR award!

Nell - thanks, and thanks also for understanding I'm a wuss :o)

Michelle - course I did. I'm a writer, ergo paranoid... (I was going to show off and write that in Latin, especially for you, but... nope, post-book bimboness.) Thanks for the compliment.

Amy - thanks.

Melissa - thanks. And I know just how lucky I am, living where I do!

Diane - LOL. So that makes Madam a cross between Po and La La, son is Dipsy and DH is Tinky Winky, then? And there is indeed a dip on top of that motte... (And thanks for the congrats.)

Jan Jones said...

Ooh, I love Ranworth. Haven't been for YEARS. Are you sure there are only 89 steps? Seemed more like a hundred and eighty nine last time I went up it (blame the failing memory cells).