Wednesday, April 17, 2013

wot gorilla?

Current work: revisions on Med (aka M&B #56)
Listening to: Bach (though it could be Genesis – bonus points if you spot the reference in today’s title)
Reading: Eliza Graham, The History Room (enjoying)
Gym: HIIT circuits – loved it, even the burpees! Personal best of 250m in 58 sec on the rower. (Yesterday's was pyramid training on the elliptical, a run, and I barely made the interval training on the stepper because I'd pushed myself that hard - which is just what I wanted to do.)

I am turning into a bit of a gym gorilla, and today there was proof in the car park, right next door to me :o)

Still struggling on with the revisions. This is clearly going to be my ‘shut up and get on with it’ week. But I do have dance class to look forward to tonight – our last Wednesday one as the groups are merging. Also my last 121 session with one of my very favourite trainers, as she’s moving on – am sure she will do brilliantly at her new gym because she’s such a sweetheart and you only realise at the end of the session how much she’s pushed you.

And I need to work on my plan for world domination :o) (Actually, that means crank up my training on my cardio days; finish these bloody revisions so I can get on with the two other books dancing round in my head; and do a little research to convince my lovely GP to try an experiment. Not saying any more about it here, but I was smiling from the wrists up on Monday. Still. I'm articulate, so I can fix it.)


Caroline said...

Is it the Cadbury's choc advert where the gorilla is on the drums and plays a Genesis tune ("I can feel it comin' in the air tonight")? Love the photo of the gorilla - I love gorillas - although Orangutans are my favourite ape. Glad the gym work is going well for you. I *really* must get back there - I'm a total couch potato at the moment! Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - I forgot about that! Nice one - and it's a better song than the one I was thinking of (Wot Gorilla, on the Wind & Wuthering album).

Go, you, on getting back to the gym. You'll be glad when you've done it! xxx