Wednesday, April 03, 2013

churches and the seaside

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I took a few days off at Easter to spend with DH and the kids. Despite a bitter easterly wind (i.e. straight from Siberia to Norfolk), we managed to get out and about. We saw Wreck-It Ralph at the cinema on Friday (and then went out to lunch - ha, I can do lunch out on fast days if I'm careful about my order).

On Saturday we did a quick recce to see where our new dance class will be held, later this month (the classes are merging as several people have dropped out of our class, owing to illness). On the way back, we did a little church-crawling, and I was very taken by this gorgeous peacock mosaic at the altar in Hingham.

We had friends over on Sunday (aka eating too much, drinking too much and laughing too much) and I’m highly envious as DH’s best friend’s daughter is going on a dig, this summer. (I will be grilling her and begging to see photos!)

And on Monday we headed off to the seaside. Just for a change, we went over the county border to visit Southwold, in Suffolk.

Thanks to the wind, it was slightly too cold for ice cream (OK, I did suggest it, but Grumpy Teen and Teen-to-Be informed me that it was wayyyy too cold for ice cream – they wanted hot chocolate, and my skinny latte definitely hit the spot). But it was a nice walk, and I always love seeing the beach huts – so pretty.

What did you do over Easter?

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Mary Preston said...

My daughter and I have seen Wreck-It Ralph - we enjoyed it. Loving the mosaic & beach huts.