Friday, April 12, 2013

decisions, decisions..

Current work: revisions on Med (aka M&B #56)
Listening to: daughter playing Adele on the piano (!)
Reading: Eliza Graham, The History Room (enjoying)
Gym: 121 session, upper body

Am being a hopeless blogger. I’m not even sure how many people even read blogs nowadays – my gut feeling is that people tend to use facebook (where I post most days) or Twitter (where I’m hopeless, but could be prodded). So from now on this blog is going to reflect pretty much what I post on FB, unless there’s something big happening or unless my readers tell me they want blogs. (But, seriously – if I’m thinking up things to put on here, then I’m not writing the book, and which would you rather have?)

Made another big decision this week regarding the diet. I have been doing the 5:2 and was pleased with the initial success. However – the diet doesn’t really suit me. I get cold (which is SO not me), grumpy (again, not usual, and not very fair on DH and the kids), and can’t think straight or focus properly (which is wrecking my work). Now, if I was losing weight consistently, I might put up with the negatives – but putting weight on last week after one meal with friends (which actually wasn’t that bad in the scheme of things and was nowhere even close to the 10,000 calories it would take to put on 3lbs - in fact I'd say I ate less than 2k that day) and then losing ¼ lb this week after trying three fast days to see if I could remove last week's damage… no. Just no. If I’m going to plateau, I’d rather it was while eating sensibly and exercising properly and being happy, y'know?

So. Pressure off. (And am still hoping that the endocrinologist will have some answers for me on Monday. I’m doing all the right things but not getting the results I would expect. If I knew why it wasn't working, it would take away a lot of the frustration. I am, however, not giving up on the Kate Unlardy project. It just might take me longer than my original planned two years.)

Righty. Back to revisions on the treacle book. And then I can get back to writing the book I’m dying to write next!

And I’ll leave you with a pic – today’s hair is caffe latte.

We were going to put some caramel streaks in it as well, but now the red is out and we don’t have to bleach it before the colour goes on, we can see what it really looks like – and I quite like it.


Caroline said...

I've tried every diet going, Kate; and to be honest the 5:2 diet hasn't appealed to me at all! It sounds too drastic IMHO. If it works fine, but I couldn't put up with side effects you seem to be going through. I think that what you are doing - exercise - is the best way to stay healthy. Good luck with the mean revisions. Caroline x p.s I must be old fashioned - I still like reading blogs ;o)

Carol Warham said...

Love the colour, it's beautiful.

Mary Preston said...

I prefer blogs. Facebook is generally a mess & I don't Twitter.

Love the hair.

Mia said...

I do love seeing all the hair colours.
Alas Kate, like two of the previous replies I don't do Facebook. I do a regular check on your blog to see if you have posted anything or if there is a new Kate Hardy book to look forward to read in a couple of months' time when it does (finally!) hit the NZ bookshops.
Don't you wish there was an easy diet? Yes, if lettuce tasted like chocolate, water like wine and eating cheese helped lose 1kg each serving? Maybe in the next life time...

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all :) The blog will continue, but it will repeat whatever I put on FB - hope that's OK!

Caroline, 5:2 is too drastic for me! Noted re FB :)

Carol - thank you.

Mary - thank you, and noted re FB.

Mia - thank you, too, and noted re FB! And yes, I wish there was an easy diet. (Actually, what I eat is easy. It's just the fact that the weight isn't shifting, and it makes me want to weep when people either assume that I'm lying/delusional, or tell me smugly that they would lose at least 2lb a week on my regime - arrgh!)