Thursday, December 27, 2012

the best kind of Christmas

Current work: On holiday :o)
Listening to: daughter playing piano
Reading: Fiona Harper, Snowbound with the Earl; Donna Alward, Sleigh Ride with the Rancher (enjoyed both and am looking forward to the third in the trilogy later today)

Hope everyone has had as lovely a holiday season as we have. It was just the four of us for Christmas Day, so it was quiet and relaxing and just lovely to chill out together. Board games, It’s A Wonderful Life, and – umm, too much chocolate.

Went for a walk by the sea yesterday – it was mild enough to tempt me to go for a paddle, but I was talked out of it :o) Very impressed with Cromer’s tree made from lobster pots.

Today we’ve been messing about with one of Madam’s presents – the cake pop maker. Very labour intensive, and the candy melts (used to cover them) are a bit too sweet for me. But she enjoyed it, which was the whole point of it. And I have been to the gym (I think I needed to, given that I was also very bad with the Brie…).

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Mary Preston said...

Way too much chocolate here too. I'm increasing the length of my daily walks. The only trouble is I'm rewarding myself with chocolate upon my return. My thinking is that the sooner it's eaten up the better.