Monday, December 17, 2012


Current work: polishing new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
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Had a really lovely weekend, and am very grateful that we were able to do so, after the shocking and tragic events in Connecticut on Friday. Bestest cousin came to stay. Bit shocked to discover that I’ve never taken her round Norwich – so we grabbed daughter and had a girly afternoon in the city. Lunch out at Carluccio’s, a spot of shopping (where she was naughty and spoiled us, and daughter needs to remember this is shared nail polish…), and a stroll round Norwich Lanes.

Then we had a lovely bit of serendipity - we went to Norwich Cathedral to light candles for my parents, and it was the carol service with the choir singing. Made it feel really special and Christmassy - it's one of my favourite places in the world anyway, but to hear those beautiful voices in that amazing space, with a huge Christmas tree and lights - just magical. (And I love the colours of the robes. Turquoise for the women and purply-blue for the men.) Then we met up with DH and went to Valerie's Patisserie for cake (very nice and we will have to go back a few times to work our way through the cabinet. I loved the giotto – coffee cake). It was dark when we came out, so all the Christmas lights were on – really pretty.

Home for dinner; and, because bestest cousin is a foodie, it was immense fun. Salmon baked with lime; rosemary potatoes; steamed asparagus, mangetout, broccoli and carrots. (See, this is all healthy stuff. I did watercress sauce rather than hollandaise – OK, because M&S were out of fresh hollandaise and I’d forgotten, but it’s still healthy.) Fresh fruit salad, aka pineapple (any excuse to use my flashy pineapple corer), raspberries, kiwi fruit and pomegranate; there were also chocolate brownies and Ben & Jerry’s for those wanting to be naughty (NOT me). Then cheese and crackers (with celery, walnuts, figs, black and white grapes and parma ham – oh, and the cheeses? I’m the only one who likes blue cheese, so we skipped it and had Cornish cruncher (v strong and salty cheddar), Wensleydale with cranberries, and Somerset brie).

I probably deserved to put on more than 1lb this weekend. (Sunday was full Christmas dinner, though I never do Christmas pudding – fruit salad again, or wild berry roulade. And then a birthday tea for my aunt.) Will have to work very hard at the gym this week.

Ahem. Anyway, it was lovely to spend quality time with my closest family. We all ate too much. (Did I mention that bestest cousin bought me some Charbonnel & Walker choccies? Glorious presentation, almost like a hat box, and the chocs are the sort you savour. Edict from food police, i.e. moi, to my three locusts: if you want one, fine, but you have ONE and savour it. If you’re thinking about scoffing them, then please go and scoff the Lindt instead, because these are special.)

Righty. Back to the book. I have a deadline!!!!

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Mary Preston said...

I love all the food around at Christmas time. I'm walking more each day to help counteract. This is not easy because it is furiously HOT here right now.