Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Off on the BICO tour again!

Current work: polishing new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: next on TBR (I am having SUCH a readfest when my deadline is done)

Off on the Baby It’s Cold Outside tour again today!

There’s a gift card up for grabs with my interview over at Entangled in Romance

And later today I’ll be interviewed at My Book Addiction  (I’m posting this UK time, so try about eight hours from now!)

Other than that, today was pump class/a bit of cardio at the gym; next up is polishing the book; after school, possibly sorting out son’s main Christmas present (otherwise he’ll have to wait for new stock next month – ahhh, the guilt, but the situation isn’t actually within my control); dance class tonight; and then possibly wrapping presents. Possibly. (Have I mentioned that I loathe wrapping?)

Have a nice day :o)

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