Monday, December 03, 2012

something to celebrate (and smiling from the wrists up)

Current work: dirty draft of new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: next on TBR

Had a lovely weekend with my best friends from uni. Much playing of board games, much laughing, much consumption of wine, and surprisingly little consumption of chocolate…

Today, I’m smiling from the wrists up – it’s the second anniversary of my dad’s death today, so I’m a little bit sad and trying to remember the good stuff rather than that terrible last year. (Dementia is such a cruel illness. It takes away a little bit every day.)

But I do have something nice to celebrate – Liz Fielding, whom I’m very proud to call a good real-life friend as well as one of my all-time favourite authors, is celebrating her 20th anniversary of her first book on the shelves. I’ll have a link later in the week to something special, but in the meantime she has guests over at her blog, and I’m thrilled to be there with her today, along with my fellow Baby It’s Cold Outside authors. Do go over and say hello, and congratulations to Liz on such a fantastic milestone!

Heidi Rice is launching the Baby It's Cold Outside blog tour over at Entangled in Romance - do go and say hello to her, too! And we're at the Totalbookahlic blog as well, if you'd like to find out a bit more about us and our characters :o)


Mary Preston said...

I feel for you. My Father has Alzheimers & no longer knows who I am.

Your other news is cheerier.

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Mary. That's a tough one. I've been there. (Dad was Lewy Bodies, so you could actually see when they'd shifted - he either recognised you and went chatty, or everything was blocked.) Just hugs x