Thursday, March 29, 2012

d-e-a-d-l-i-n-e (and dancing)

Current work: Vienna book (deadline very, very, very ahoy now)
Listening to: various (ballroom) dance stuff
Reading: Liz Fielding, The Last Woman He’d Ever Date (fabulous – adored Archie, and the hero was gorgeous, too); Fiona Harper, Dancing With Danger (loved this one, too, especially the proposal scene)

Deep in deadline. Not getting much sense out of me today :o)

Dance class last night was fab – started the quickstep, which was great fun and DH is quite good at it! Also reprise of the waltz – arrgh, corners. DH and I were, um, taken gently to one side to walk it through a couple of times (why, why, WHY can’t we get it? If this book does make it through, you will so see what I had trouble with at dance class – same as my heroine), and at the end of the lesson it finally clicked… until next week, no doubt.

Righty. Back to work for me. Coffee brewed (admit I prefer Lavazza to the Fortnum’s blend, but the tin is still beautiful), dog snoring gently on his bed behind me, all’s well with the world (note to self: do not think about this book going wrong and remember that lovely ed said no authorial paranoia allowed) and my head is in Vienna.

Have a nice day!


Nell Dixon said...

I have two left feet courtesy of the dyscalculia - no recognition of left and right so I think you are amazing, I'd love to dance. I'd also love to be able to sing in tune but that's another story.

Michelle Styles said...

Definately no authorial paranoia allowed.