Wednesday, March 07, 2012

and now, back to normal... (aka Kate goes mad on violets)

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Michael Bublé
Reading: Julie Cohen, The Summer of Living Dangerously (definitely her best yet – very funny, but you will need tissues as well)
So all the glamour is over, and I am back to my normal scruffy self, in my untidy office (yeah, all right – the PHS is featuring my workspace on Saturday, and the pics are of what it looks like when freshly tidied), chained to my desk. And doing lots of laundry in between.

I had a wonderful day on Monday. For once, I didn’t work on the train, and it was such a pleasure to read one of my friends’ books on the train, getting the in-jokes, and texting her to tell her I was enjoying it. And then to see my wonderful ed, be spoiled with lunch out, and talking about cookery and Paris (as well as the odd bit of business). And then the excitement of the awards, and way too much champagne.I’m a real lightweight nowadays with alcohol, so I really needed a latte when I caught the train home :o) I was craving a bacon sandwich (and cake), but was immensely sensible and had a chicken salad instead.

My Fortnum’s parcel arrived while I was away. Oops. Actually, the box was ginormous, so I think DH might’ve been worried about how bad I’d been, but there were only four items in it. (And I might point out that the tea is cheaper than a same-sized box of Teapigs tea, so I wasn’t being majorly extravagant.) Daughter and I have been desperate to try the violet biscuits (which are very small, and we are on a strict limit of ONE per day, and I am writing them in my food diary – this is the basis of having one small, lovely treat per day so I don’t feel deprived). Her first comment was, ‘These are really LUSH. And they are half mine, right?’ Cough. Dat’s ma girl.

Beautiful tin, too. (First pic shows the actual tin - and proof that the coffee matches my kitchen - and the second two are close-ups of the tin. Might be a squabble over who gets the tin when it's empty. Probably will have to buy second one to mollify daughter.) (#anyexcuse)

Righty. The kettle’s just switched off, so that’s my call to make another coffee and get cracking on the book. Onwards and upwards!


Sharon Archer said...

hey, Kate! Gorgeous tin! The biscuits themselves sound intriguing... are they really made with violets added? Ummm, so now I'm wondering... is this a really dumb question to ask? It's past my bedtime so I'm pleading tiredness if it is! LOL


Kate Hardy said...

They are indeed, Sharon - crystallised violets, like the ones you get on the nice posh chocs. And they're SCRUMPTIOUS. (About 3cm in diameter, and they're more like a crumbly cookie than shortbread. Am planning a future baking session to see if I can make my own!)