Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: various
Reading: Judith Lennox, Catching the Tide

There are days when I really shouldn’t get out of bed. Today being a case in point. Have done something VERY stupid (let’s just say it involves an SD card and an optical drive) and managed to mess up the Mac. It’s fixable, but this is a distraction I really don’t need when the book is due next week. Apple have been great and reassured me that I’m not the first to do it and I won’t be the last; they’ve booked me an appointment with the genius bar (and, oh please, let me have the Mac back the same day).

And I am trying very, very hard not to stress about it, because I cough when I’m stressed and I already have a really barky cough (currently drinking lots of manuka honey and lemon).

Just arrgh.

Edit: Note to self. Next time, before you panic, read the Apple support forums - the people there are very, very helpful. (There were 10 pages on this particular subject, so I am obviously not the only one to do it. Making a cardboard hook to remove it was a fantastic idea; it worked first time.) Now feel much better and am shaking with relief. More honey and lemon, and back to work for me...

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