Monday, March 19, 2012


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Bittersweet weekend. I always miss my mum on Mother’s Day and find the day a bit hard, but it’s important not to spoil my own children’s pleasure in the day, so it’s always bittersweet. The kids spoiled me rotten (aka son took DH out with a list, while I went with daughter to pick up the last few things she needed for her school residentialtrip this week). Books (including one I hadn’t asked for, about Paris – excellent choice by DH), chocolates, a bottle of Chablis (obviously shared), and a beautiful Radley umbrella (to replace the one that DH bought me for Christmas and, ahem, I managed to lose before I even used it).

As it was Mother’s Day, it also meant that I got to choose where we went. Yup. Obvious choice. North Norfolk coast.

Popped in to see my stepmum first with goodies, then to put flowers on my parents’ graves. The spring bulbs on my dad’s grave look really lovely. And that made me a little sad, too, because Mags would’ve loved to see this picture.

Then off to Wells – despite the fact that it looked as if it was going to pour. The rain was just about holding off when we got to Wells, so we parked at the town and walked along the harbour path to the sea. The tide was coming in, but there was still a sandbank covered with very noisy geese.

And here’s the arty shot. (Annoyingly, I missed the one where loads of them suddenly went into flight, as was talking politics with son.)

And then, when we got to the sea, we had a real bonus – looks what we saw! (Haven’t seen them at Wells, before, so that was a real treat.)

Quick stop for coffee, then a stroll back to the car, and a stop-off for dinner on the way home, and finally curling up on the sofa with DH and a cup of Countess Grey tea (bit more orangey than Earl Grey - v nice!).

Hope you were spoiled if you were celebrating Mother's Day yesterday.


Liz Fielding said...

Lovely pics, Kate.

Mixed day here. The dd spent the night in hospital - the chest infection has gone to pleurisy - and now has to rest. No more scrubbing the new house clean. Her m-i-l arrived yesterday to help out so I feel a little easier.

Talked with the son and heir in Holland.

Surrounded by orchids flown in from Guernsey.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Oh, bless you Kate.

Yes, I miss my Nan on Mother's Day too. Sounds like you had a lovely family day otherwise.

It was a tough day for me, or rather for my boys, as it was first without my ex. (But he coughed up money) and they bought me two DVD's I really wanted (The Help and Jane Eyre) and I went to lunch with my youngest (where the eldest is apprentice chef.)

That was lovely.


Caroline said...

Lovely photos Kate. And Mothers Day is always a mixed day as some of us celebrate our mums and others mourn. Love Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - hope your daughter's on the mend pronto. Big hugs from me. xx

Debbie - lovely that your boys spoiled you AND you got to sample your eldest's cooking! xx

Caroline - hope you had a lovely day xx