Monday, January 16, 2012


Current work: revisions (typing up)
Listening to: Blur (hence the title of this post – you know the song!)
Reading: next on TBR

Have spent the past few days being diligent. (All right. I spent Thursday in the Apple shop and having lunch with DH, Friday seeing my stepmum and putting flowers on my parents’ graves – the bulbs on Dad’s grave are coming up, which is quite exciting – and Sunday afternoon in the Apple shop, having my initial training. Oh, and in between I did the paper edits on the book. And tidied my desk. That might count as haring rather than tortoising. But it was fun.)

Even though this was a planned changeover, it was still a bit stressful, and by Sunday afternoon my words were coming out wrong and I was coughing. (This is how you can tell that either I’m stressed or it’s past 10pm – no sense out of me then as I’m a lark, not an owl.)

Barnie at the Apple shop was utterly lovely – there were two of us for the ‘Mac and Me’ session and he was great at talking us through everything. And the moment I switched my iMac on for the first time and saw my doggie on the screen… just wow. One teensy problem: my emails didn’t migrate. (My fault for using Outlook as a filing cabinet, so now I have to set up my PC downstairs again and email everything to myself, or just print the stuff out.)

Oh, yeah. You want to see it, don’t you?

This is it – and the new printer – just after I set everything up. There are bets on how long the clear desk will last. (Two days, according to DH. And people who know me in real life and have seen inside my office will be looking at this and going, ‘What, that long? That is so NOT the usual state of her desk.’) I admit, my iPad and my glasses case and my hand cream migrated within 20 minutes of taking that pic (well hey, I’m middle aged, and Neutrogena Norwegian formula is the only stuff that gets rid of scaly lizard skin on my hands). But I am going to have a general tidy of my office in half term, including the cabinet on which my printer stands and which hasn't been opened for about three years, and am on a promise of help from lovely daughter, who was also very good at helping me tidy my desk on Friday.

Plan for today: get used to Word 2011, and put the paper edits onto soft copy. And then I might start going through my photos and putting in the details. I have LOTS of photos. This is all so exciting. (Thinks: how to persuade DH to buy me an external hard drive that’s the same size as my iPod… Ah, yes, upcoming birthday.)


Lacey Devlin said...

Wow. I have a sudden urge to clean my desk (or hide it...)

Caroline said...

Looks fab! So sleek, it amazes me how much technology has progressed in the past 5 years - heck no - make that the past year! Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Mac! Once you've gone Mac you'll never go back ;).
x Abby Green

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - it's still *almost* that clean, four days later :o)

Caroline - thanks - and yes, it's amazing how fast technology changes.

Abby - thanks :)