Thursday, January 19, 2012


Current work: new book
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: Jessica Hart, The Secret Princess (enjoyed this one, too)

Thursday already? Where has the week gone?

Tuesday was guitar lesson (droppeddown to fortnightly at the moment so I can manage my workflow better) and we messed about with Pachelbel and building up variations (i.e. play the root of each chord in the bass with the first four notes of Frère Jacques – that was fun). Yesterday was various school stuff in the morning, and dance class in the evening; we started learning the waltz (excellent for research purposes as well as being enjoyable). DH and I have worked out that it’s better if we don’t look at our feet…

Am going through my photographs in iPhoto (at the rate of 100 a day, as there are 10 years’ worth! – though I was doing it while thinking so I did more than that on Weds) and adding in names and places. Bit of a lump in my throat as I’ve just reached the pics of my 40th birthday and there’s a lovely one of Dad with me. (Have decided am not doing a birthday party this year – I found last year hard as I always used to make Dad the centre of attention, and I don’t really enjoy the focus being on me.)

Today, am focused on the new book. Because today is a grey, wet morning and we’ve had two beautiful sunrises in the early part of this week, I’m posting a pic of Tuesday morning’s sunrise (Tuesday’s pic was of Monday’s). Glorious. (You can't see it here, but the ploughed field at the front is covered in frost.)

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