Monday, January 09, 2012

the first week as a tortoise

Current work: new book(s)
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Louise Allen, Seduced by the Scoundrel (enjoyed – lovely heroine – and wanted to push the anti-hero in a puddle of slurry! Easy to forget how limited women’s choices were, 200 years ago – very glad I wasn’t around then)

So, my first week as a tortoise. I did spend too much time messing about, so I think I need to implement a rule of ‘no email or internet until wordcount is done’. And it wasn’t helped by only having two proper working days last week; the kids were off for two days and DH was off for one (though that did count as work as we had a very long discussion with the tecchies and I can plan what I’m doing now). Exercise: could’ve been a bit better, but the dancing was good and DH has agreed to go again this week. Food: mainly good except for bread at the weekend that put back all the lard I’d taken off during the week, so I need tor remember that bread needs to be scant rather than in moderation.

But the main thing was reducing stress levels. That’s definitely working. So am tortoising on :o)


Caroline said...

Like you I'm trying to be a tortoise. Blogs - lunchtime only! I'm also aiming at a wordcount of 1000 a day. Can I ask how much you aim for a day? We all know your reputation as "Scary Kate" LOL. Thanks - Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Go, you, Caroline :)

I'm aiming at 1500-2000 a day. Not scary. I do need to up it slightly this week, though, as I know that revisions are about to land and I won't be writing new stuff while I'm doing revs...

Lacey Devlin said...

Ah the best laid plans... Congrats on all the progress you've made, Kate. I'm having one of those weeks of interruptions this week :)

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on all the interruptions, Lacey. Hope your week improves :)