Thursday, August 11, 2011

quick catchup

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Reading: Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets (enjoying very much)

Lovely day yesterday – my best friend came up on Tuesday, and yesterday we did some girly shopping in town, went out for lunch and went to see The Sound of Music with littlest at the Theatre Royal. Super performance; the actress who played Maria was the understudy, and she brought so much enthusiasm, verve and fun to the part (plus had a great singing voice). Michael Praed was Captain von Trapp; I did enjoy his ‘Edelweiss’ (and, on a very shallow note, he’s aged beautifully – obviously his hair is no longer as in the Robin of Sherwood days, but…). The singer playing the Mother Superior was fantastic, too; and the children were great. I’d recommend it highly.

I do have another theatre trip planned for this week (of which more next week), but today is a flop/catch up with work and laundry day.

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Rachel Lyndhurst said...

OOh sounds like a lovely day,Kate! And you've reminded me now - the washing machine's not been on for two days. Gulp!