Monday, August 22, 2011

Not the best of days...

Blogger clearly hates me today as it's decided to eat my sidebar (and then stick it right underneath the blog... sigh).

Add to this doing the "back to school" shop (shoes, sob, shoes), and the fact that Byron decided to roll in something disgusting and now needs a bath - no, it's not the best of days.

And we have to do a second run at the "back to school" shop on Thursday, as M&S didn't have all the uniform I wanted in daughter's size, and John Lewis has a new trial system where you input your details onto a huge screen (24 inches at least) which is visible by any passer-by (and yes, I did complain, starting with "your staff are lovely and v helpful but your system is not at all secure and you need some kind of screen filter or change it to an iPad type application so people's details are not going to be compromised).

But on the plus side, Autoglass said the chip in my windscreen is a "minor pit" that won't crack or spread, so it doesn't need fixing. And I am getting more used to the electronic handbrake. (Pull on, push off, indeed - it's pull on and then push on some more! Yup, I got the "touch the footbrake to release the parking brake" message again. I swear it would add "you dozy mare" if it could.)

AND my latest box of paperbacks has just arrived, and the cover is even prettier in the flesh!

Hopefully the blog will behave itself tomorrow, as I have a special guest and I want to do her justice :)


Liz Fielding said...

Oh, Kate - I still remember taking the kids for shoes on at the last possible moment before school started (they always grew a size in the last week). Queues mile long in Clarks an deli type ticket system.

And the dog thing.

My car is so old it doesn't do anything fancy, although was creaking ominously as we rounded the multi-storey in Swansea yesterday.

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, I hate the shoe thing. Luckily the belles feet appear to have ceased growing so this year I got to spend a small fortune at the cobblers instead on heels and soles on their winter ankle boots.

Lacey Devlin said...

Good news on your windscreen! But your electronic handbrake boggles the mind. I hope blogger behaves for you tomorrow too.