Thursday, January 27, 2011

welcoming the newest Medical Romance author…

Current work: Gelati book revisions (aka new scenes) and FC stuff (yeah, you didn’t think I was getting away with it, did you?)
Listening to: Def Leppard, X
Reading: Jan Jones, The Kydd Inheritance (still not started it yet as didn’t get any reading time last night, but so looking forward to it)

You know my second bit of good news from Friday? Well, now’s your chance to go and meet Scarlet Wilson, our newest Medical Romance author – aka there’s a bit of a do over at the eHarlequin Medical Romance Authors’ blog. Do go over and say hello.

Things here: parents’ evening was excellent yesterday and am v pleased with son’s progress. FC meeting last night was very productive. And today, hip hip hooray, I should have a nice quiet day to work. In theory. Let's hope it's the same in practice ;o)


Caroline said...

Hi Kate - great news on Susan's "call" - or should I say Scarlet's (great pen name btw!)

Just been on Pink Heart Society and your book is Pick of the Month! That should cheer you up I hope. Go Kate, go! Caroline x

scarlet wilson said...

Aww thanks Kate!
Still in shock and hoping I don't wake up and find out it's all been a dream!