Wednesday, January 26, 2011

royal weddings and coincidences

Current work: Gelati book revisions (aka new scenes)
Listening to: Daughtry
Reading: Jan Jones, The Kydd Inheritance (not started it yet but looking forward to it – major treat)

Up to eyes in work (not to mention FC stuff, sigh), plus it’s parents’ evening at son’s school tonight. So apologies for intermittent and quite short blogging right now. Busy busy busy.

I did however just discover something that I’d love to share: the Penhally series is finally going to the US! And my book in the series – The Doctor’s Royal Love Child – just happens to be out in April. It’s a book with a royal wedding in it. And a real-life royal wedding will be happening in the same month in the UK :o)

Serendipity, or what?

Righty. Back to the salt mines for me…


Nas Dean said...

Congratulations for matching the ONE royal event planned for this year which will be remembered for years to come, with a royal wedding in your book coming out in the same month!

Jan Jones said...

Fabulous, Kate!

*whispers* hope you enjoy the book

Lacey Devlin said...

Definitely serendipity! *sigh* I love a royal wedding :)

Kate Hardy said...

Nas - thanks, but I have to confess that authors have nothing to do with scheduling. That was pure luck on my part (or maybe genius on the part of Harlequin's marketing team). Definitely worth celebrating, and I loved the characters in that book. It was my first ever continuity and such fun to write.

Jan - thank you, and I'm pretty sure I will. (I had to move it off my desk. Too tempting.)

Lacey - aww, bless ;o)