Wednesday, January 05, 2011

refilling the well, part 1

Current work: Capri medical revisions
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Lucy Dillon, Walking Back to Happiness (enjoying)

Yesterday was the last day of the school holidays. (Yes!!! Today is a proper work day!!!) (Overuse of screamers most definitely merited.)
I knew I wasn’t really going to get much done (and yes, the family crisis is still ongoing – and I am call-screening and only taking business calls in office hours, to save my sanity) so I took the children to the cinema. ‘Megamind’ was a very different take on superhero films, and much better than the trailer led me to believe. The dialogue was great, I enjoyed the romance element, and the soundtrack was brilliant. Highly recommended.

With an hour to wait before the show started, I suggested that we nipped in to see the new exhibition at Norwich Castle about faith in art. It was really interesting – some of the things I’d already tracked down across the county as part of research for other books (such as the Ranworth psalter and the coat of arms at North Walsham), some I’d already seen at the museum (the Sandys painting), but some were new to me. I particularly liked the Anglo-Saxon silver brooches from Pentney (absolutely stunning artwork) and the Thor’s hammers. (Couldn’t take pics, sadly, as they were not allowed.)

The natural history section also had some new exhibits, and it was a real delight. Our favourite bits included:

The chambered nautilus (so delicate and so very, very pretty)

The curator’s office (dear ed… oh, please let me do a timeslip set in a museum, please)

The polar bear (actually, this isn’t new – it was one of the very first exhibits when the museum opened in the 19th century, and I remember being terrified by this when I was about four years old)

The great auk and her egg:

And then there was the exhibition about how people dressed and what they had in their pockets… and I’ll save that for tomorrow, as I know readers of historical romance will really enjoy it :o)


Caroline said...

Great photos - esp the bear. He looks a bit squashed poor thing! Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Oooh, looking forward to tomorrow!

And that bear scares me NOW, Must be horrifying to your average 4 year old

Lacey Devlin said...

Would you believe I went to see Megamind yesterday too? I really enjoyed it.

Fantastic pictures. That polar bear is scary looking, isn't it!