Friday, January 21, 2011

some really, really good news

Current work: Gelati book revisions (would’ve done a chunk had the FC not got in the way)
Listening to: Patrick Hawes, Into the Light (I really do like ‘Pavane’)
Reading: Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games (just finished it, and enjoyed it very much – including the cliffhanger ending. Interesting to see how she structured it, because when I write a trilogy they have to be standalone books as well as being very closely linked. Will have to buy the next in the trilogy now. Also might borrow son’s current trilogy to see how that’s structured (Knife of Never Letting Go etc))

My good news? The absolute best. I had an email from my editor today that’s really made me feel like a dog with two tails.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for - oh, nuts, I'm so excited that I have to blurt it out right now. The Capri medical revisions (only delivered very late on Wednesday!) have been accepted. ‘Italian Doctor, No Strings’ will be out in the UK in September 2011.

So that’s my first book sold in seven months. I’m so relieved and delighted (and rang her to tell her so). It’s the best bit of news I’ve had in – well, seven months. (And it came after a slightly frustrating day of dealing with the family crisis, so it was very, very welcome.) It actually feels as if I’m back to normal (well, as normal as a writer gets). And in fact I almost bawled my eyes out with relief, except the children were in the kitchen at the time and they started snoopy dancing and hugging me. (Have I mentioned lately that I have the most wonderful, wonderful kids?)

Have a nice weekend. Ours is definitely going to involve a celebratory dinner out :o)


Kristina said...

Yay, Kate!! Very exciting.. I'm still waiting for my first sale...glad to know the excited-snoopy-dancing feeling doesn't wear off!! :)

susanwilson44 said...

Congratulations on your sale Kate! Loving your book title and seriously hoping to be your book buddy!

Portia Da Costa said...

Yowsah, glad to hear those revisions were okayed! You deserve some good news after all you've been through lately.

Hugs, buddy!

Nas Dean said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to it!

Lacey Devlin said...

Fantastic news! Congrats Kate!

Caroline said...

Yay - congrats Kate. Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

Congratulations, Kate! About time you had good news.

liz fenwick said...

Brilliant news!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all - I'm so thrilled :)

Joanne Coles said...

Yay on the book sale, Kate! Only a couple more to the magic 50 :-)