Monday, November 01, 2010

a special day

Current work: gelati book
Listening to: Daughtry
Reading: next on TBR

Having a week off did me a huge amount of good. Back to work today (and visiting Dad with birthday cake) so we’ll see how it goes. I'm focused, and I know what I want to do, so I think it’s a matter of quietly getting on with it.

What did I do in my week off? The first part was a research trip, and there will be pics on the blog from tomorrow for the next two weeks (because I manage to fit an awful lot into three days). The second part involved shopping, partying and doing a special ‘this was your last decade’ album for my littlest, who’s ten today.

And now it’s Monday. November. Rushing towards Christmas. I have new book to start (which will take my mind off waiting for mammoth revisions – it would be soooo nice to have a book with minor tweaks, but I guess in this economic climate that doesn’t happen any more), a house full of flowers, and two blog posts elsewhere today – one about gorgeous Frenchmen at the Pink Heart Society (fitting, as I’m just back from Paris), and one about special days at the Harlequin Medical Authors’ Blog (where there’s a chance to win my latest duo, so do go over and say hello).

Have a nice day. And happy tenth to my littlest.


Jane Holland said...

Happy B-day to smallest Kate offspring!!

My own b-day is coming up. On the RMA Winter Party day, oddly enough. I'm just about to send off for a ticket. (This is me promoting Birthday Girl status in advance, you see, very cunningly, so I can angle for some free drinks if anyone who reads this is at the party!!)

A new book, huh?

Oh, how I wish I was there. 7000 words to go on my Tudor WIP. Then a few days to revise/polish, and I'll be free of the blinking thing. Until, that is, they tell me it's all rubbish and to rewrite massively, lol.

Good luck on the new story! Hope it's set in a hot place, so you can avoid the winter blues.


Jane Holland said...

Um, yes, that was supposed to be RNA.

I wonder what RMA might stand for.

Romantic Mormons Association?

Of course, they'd need longer order forms for an Association party, in order to list all their spouses.

Caroline said...

Oh massive congrats to your DD. Have a Happy Birthday!!! Hope your visit with dad goes ok. Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

Happy Birthday to littlest. Hope she has a super day!

Glad the week off did you good and hope your visit to your father goes well.

susanwilson44 said...

Glad to hear you had a good holiday and nice to see you back. Wishing you lots of luck on your visit with your dad x

Lacey Devlin said...

Ooo happy birthday to your little one! I hope she has a great day!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to your littlest :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Jane - thanks, and happy about-to-be birthday to you, too :) (I won't be there, sadly, or there would be a big glass of wine shoved into your hand by me.) Good luck with finishing the Tudor. (And LOL on RMA...)

Caroline - thanks. She's having a lovely birthday week (cough). Visit to Dad was pretty mixed - he knew me some of the time, which was a bonus.

Shirley - thank you.

Susan - thanks, and I needed it!

Lacey - thanks, she had a fab time.

Katie - thanks, and happy anniversary :)