Thursday, November 25, 2010

The s-word

Current work: revisions on Capri medical
Listening to: Corelli (well, it’s snowing – I need something calming!)
Reading: Tamsyn Murray, My So-Called Afterlife (pinched from daughter – great fun and agree with daughter that ending was great); Sarah Morgan, The Twelve Nights of Christmas (Sarah’s Christmas books are always fab – I do not get why she likes the s-word as I loathe the stuff, but her books almost tempt me to like it)

Apparently, this is the earliest heavy snowfall for 17 years. We were warned about it. So did the council go and grit the roads last night? Especially the ones going DOWN the hill that lead to the roundabout? (Ignore Coward. He was talking from a position of snobbery and ignorance. There most definitely ARE hills around here!)

That was a rhetorical question. Nope, the road was a skidpan. Add in people who park selfishly (er, guys, does it occur to you that when the roads are icy, people need a little bit more room to pass you? And that the yellow lines outside a school are there so it’s clear and safe for the kids and THAT is why you're not supposed to park there?), and let’s just say I’m glad to be home.

Cancelled guitar lesson because the snow was falling heavily on the way home and the idea of having to negotiate the hill after two hours of solid snow… nope. (I’m wussy, with good reason – I’ve had problems on that hill before.) I really hope Dad keeps holding his own until all the snow’s gone, because the home is down a single-track, twisting back road. (No change. Home says to take it day by day.) DH has promised to pick the kids up tonight if it snows any more and drive me to my hospital appointment on Saturday, so I guess it’s a matter of ignoring the snow and just getting on with it.

And so to work. (Armed with coffee…)

Wait - almost forgot! (Because I'm English, so the day isn't celebrated here - so hopefully you can forgive the rudeness.) Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends :0)


Nicolette said...

Sorry to hear you've got snow already. Be careful when you go out. We only had a light frost here on Hayling, but snow is forecast for Sat/Sun.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Hi, Kate. I'm near Nicolette, so it's just hovering above zero right now.

I wouldn't mind the snow if we didn't have to drive anywhere and the Sainsbury's van still delivered,but after last year ... no way am I getting behind the wheel! Bracing myself for the weekend. And not a griiter in sight here either. X

Jane Holland said...

No snow yet, and though it was icy today, the sun was out.

So was I, attempting to learn to ride a motorbike. It was an all-day affair, starting at 8am and not ending until 3.30pm (outdoors almost the entire time) when they finally gave up and said I'd have to come back for another 3-hour session before they could award me a certificate.

Well, I'd never ridden a bike before, and my hands were so numb with cold I could barely work the clutch and throttle properly ...

That's my excuse, anyway!

And the young bloke who was learning alongside me 'passed' - and he was about the same level as me. I'm convinced it was a sexist thing. They almost never have women wanting to learn, apparently.

So yes, no snow yet. But it's forecast for tomorrow!!

Stay in and keep well-wrapped up. That's what I intend to do.

Lacey Devlin said...

People seem to drive badly enough just in the rain. I'd hate to have to drive in the snow. Stay warm!