Saturday, April 03, 2010

hard day’s night

Current work: Revisions
Listening to: Muse, Radiohead and Josh Groban (aka playlist for current book)
Reading: Barbara Samuel, Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas (enjoyed very much)

Yeah, you know the Beatles song. That’s what I’m doing right now. Working like a dog ;o)

Have picked up Euros, found out where the Murano trip leaves from, bought spare SD card for camera and checked it, bought waterproof jacket, written packing list, had naughty trip into Sonkai on the grounds that researching #46 means working on it and therefore can buy appropriate Pandora bead, made kids check they have everything for next week (and had to go into town with them to pick up last-minute bits)… and in between have been working on the revisions.

They MUST be done before my research trip. No excuses.

I did however take time out to see Ashes to Ashes (interesting) and Dr Who (thought Matt Smith did a fabulous job and I like the new sarky edge; and I do like Amy Pond, though wish they’d kept her name as Amelia as it’s lovely - really enjoye dthe little in-jokes and nods to the past, and I think the series is going to go from strength to strength - AND we get the angels back, yay! I will be seeing angels next week, oh joy).

Righty. Back to work. Fuelled by half a glass of pinot grigio. Sing after me… ;o)


Jan Jones said...

I enjoyed Dr Who as well, though possibly a little less excitement in the delivery wouldn't go amiss. Hopefully once his metabolism settles, so will he.

susanwilson44 said...

just had a family viewing night watching Dr Who and now my five year old won't go to sleep as he's scared of the giant snake, ho hum.....