Tuesday, June 23, 2009

squirrels, gelati and baa!

Current work: Med, this evening (this morning is guitar lesson and this afternoon is visiting Dad)
Listening to: Kate Rusby
Reading: Joanna Maitland, His Reluctant Mistress (enjoyed this – very interesting setting – the Congress of Vienna, 1815)

I think our squirrel is a tad on the greedy side. This picture says to me, ‘Bad luck, birdies: this is mine, all mine!’ (And how he gets there is to climb up the pole, walk along that curved bit and then jump onto the fat ball holder.)

Gelati: last night, experimented with raspberry (which included sieving the puree to remove the pips). Made it to my taste so it’s a bit on the sharp side. Lovely, though. Planning to experiment with rhubarb later in the week, and possibly rhubarb and strawberry.

Oh, and this is what the raspberry yoghurt ice cream looked like in mid-make.

As for the baa – my friend and fellow med author Maggie Kingsley sent me the most wonderful link on extreme shepherding’. This is guaranteed to make you smile (for the right reasons) and it’s so INCREDIBLY clever. I wonder how long it took them to plan this and then action it? It's just brilliant. The video clip is about 3 minutes long, but it’s worth every second. Watch and enjoy.


linda margaret said...


Maggie's video is awesome! I really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Apologies is this is a repeat - my first comment vanished into the ether!
Anyho - I LOVE working sheepdogs so thank you so much for that link - totally brilliant.
Hope the sun shines on you when you are out and about :-)

Brigitte said...

Awww, sooo cute...
Wonder how they did that?

See, that's what the internet is for, to show great work of art; moving art, any art. So no more excuses for not browsing.
Ahem, got carried away on the net today...
gotta leave...school run, I'm afraid.

BTW, your ice machine looks like mine. Hope you enjoy the fab ice it makes.

Lacey Devlin said...

Is it bad that I actually want a greedy squirrel? So gorgeous! Wouldn't mind some of that gelati either yum!