Friday, June 05, 2009

A little conundrum

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Reading: Crazy for You, Jennifer Crusie (enjoying so far)

Busy week with DH's birthday etc - nice meal out at Yellows and when we paid the waitress complimented us on how well-behaved and polite the kids were. Apparently very few kids nowadays bother to say please when they order something or thank the waiting staff when food/drinks arrive. Mine do (after years of parental nagging we don't have to remind them very often) but the fact that apparently many don't rather shocked me. It doesn't take much time to be polite and a little appreciation makes people feel good; I believe that a bit of politeness and kindness makes the world a much nicer place because it's infectious. Be nice to people and expect the best of them, and in general they'll live up to your expectations.

Or maybe I'm just strange.

Am a bit busy with the book right now, so I’ll leave you with a maths problem (thanks to my mate and fellow Medical Romance author Jessica Matthews). Follow the instructions and Regifting Robin will read your mind... Clever, hmm?

(If you want to know how it works, click and drag over the space between the spoilers for the explanation.)


Whatever you choose will always end up a multiple of 9 – the formula is (10*x + y) - x - y = 9*x
All the squares representing a multiple of 9 contain the same gift. The gifts in those boxes change each time you play the game, to make you think the computer is reading your mind (it’d be too obvious if they stayed the same every time you played).

End of spoiler.



Carol Townend said...

Hi Kate!
That was amazing!! I read the explanation - AFTERWARDS, I may add, but was none the wiser. I'm one of those people to whom formulae are a mystery ;)

Gems said...

With regards to manners I think it is very important and agree at times there are a lot of children that don#t appear to have many of them.

I loved that puzzle, tried to work it out before reading how it is done hehe

Lacey Devlin said...

It's sad that so many children don't have manners these days. I'm always shocked when I come across a well mannered child rather than the othe way around.

Loved the puzzle!