Monday, June 29, 2009

fabulous review

Current work: revisions on MH fairground book
Listening to: Alison Moyet, Voice
Reading: Amy Andrews - Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride (aka the jellyfish book – the medical stuff in here is really interesting and the hero/heroine’s conflicts are incredibly emotional. I know Amy’s a mate of mine, but she really IS getting better and better with every book. This one’s a great read)

I’m struggling with time right now, with just under three weeks of school left and revisions/a book to write before I go on holiday. (Yeah, yeah. Kate overreacher. Just need to FOCUS. And try to ignore the fact it’s hot and sticky – uuh, give me crisp frosty mornings any day, because I think better…) Weekend was spent working, except during thunderstorms when I wished I'd bought the laptop. (This week...)

So I’ll leave you today with a lovely four-star review from Romantic Times for Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion:

When business tycoon Luke Holloway hires Sara Fleet as his temporary assistant, the only thing he's hoping is that she'll organize his office. Business consumes him, so he has little time for his personal life, and he doesn't like mixing business with pleasure. It doesn't take long before they are breaking all the rules and Sara is bringing color and laughter into his life. It's all fun and games, until Sara tells him she's pregnant. This story features a strong heroine who gains strength from her family and a hero who realizes the importance of love and family before it's too late. Add in their captivating romance and it makes for one great read.

Thank you, Sandra Garcia-Myers, for making my day.


Lori x said...

Great review Kate well done. I am so with you on those cool frosty days! The sun I don't mind, humidity AAAGGGHHH I hate it!

Nell Dixon said...

Fab review! Congratulations!

Amy Andrews said...

And thank you Kate Hardy for making mine :-)

Good luck with the crashing deadlines and congrats on them beautiful stars.

Jan Jones said...

Fab review, Kate!

[wordver: orignavi , which is obviously the art of folding a map!]

Kate Hardy said...

Lori - and it's going to be like this ALL WEEK! You're nearer the coast than I am, so please have a paddle for me :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - thank you. I'm really chuffed.

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - pleasure, and much deserved.

Thanks, need all the help I can get. Send me snow!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thanks. And LOVE the verification and your definition.