Friday, June 19, 2009

new book and radio interview

Current work: off doing meeja stuff today and a bit of library research
Listening to: Crowded House, Together Alone (I just LOVE the guitar on ‘Fingers of Love’)
Reading: next on TBR

Being dozy this week (and also because *cough* I’ve been a bad puppy and not updated my website this month until yesterday - new books are up there now), I sort of forgot I have a new book out this week. Until BBC Radio Suffolk contacted me, asking when I’m free to do an interview. Remiss of me. Apologies.

Anyway. Here for your delectation is Suffolk Ghosts and Legends (aka Scandals, Sieges and Spooks – the stories behind the ruined castles and abbeys, the people who lived there, and any scandals, sieges and spooks). I had immense fun writing this and going out for days with my research team (the oldest member of whom does the driving while I navigate to find what he calls ‘a tiny bit of masonry in a field in the middle of nowhere’, and the two youngest are in charge of chanting ‘are we there yet?’ and ‘we’re starving and the cafĂ©’s over there’.)

The picture on the front was taken in broad daylight at Bury St Edmunds. I’m saying nothing about the little ghost (but I’m immensely amused by it. Maude Carew, perhaps. Have I mentioned that I love my publisher and their art department?).

I’m actually on the radio today as well. Back on lovely Graham Barnard and Karen Buchanan’s show on the ‘Ladies at Lunch’ spot. BBC Radio Norfolk, 12 noon today (FM - 95.1, 95.6, 104.4, MW - 855, 873 & DAB). Am looking forward to it because it’s always huge fun, and it will be lovely to see Sara and Tessa again. I will be talking about spooky things… (And then it's lunch out. Italian. Wonderful.)

Oh, and I’ve just come across a really nice review of the Norfolk Miscellany from Derek James, the features ed of the Evening News. ‘Extremely difficult to put down… you can dip in and out for months… A little gem of a book.’ Colour me happy.

Also saw said book in Jarrolds yesterday. On a shelf with lighting that made taking the photograph a little tricky (especially as I was trying to be discreet so people wouldn't realise how sad I was being - hence the poor quality of the photograph). But the combination of the word at the top of the display and the figure to the left of my book has really put a smile on my face. I was also at #7 with Norwich: Stories of a City, which has been on the shelves for SIX YEARS now. So that's pretty cool. (Have also been on this particular display shelf with two other titles in the last month. It's really nice to think that people are obviously enjoying these books; I put a lot into them.)


Julie Cohen said...

You are fabulous, daaaahling.

And we want pictures of the ice cream!

Jan Jones said...

Colour you extremely happy, I should think!

Lacey Devlin said...

Someone's a little talented ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Julie - thank you. And the pictures are up :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - yup, I did a snoopy dance with the dog round the entire house.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thank you :o)