Tuesday, April 14, 2009

author on deadline and another great review

Current work: fiction (deadline mode – am at the ‘this book is pants and my editor will hate it’ stage)
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Reading: Louise Allen, The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst (Louise never disappoints, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the books so far in her Ravenhurst series. This is another good sensual read with an endearing, brave and funny heroine – a real bluestocking – and… You know they say never write a redhead hero? This one REALLY works!)

Right now I am on a seriously screaming deadline and trying to balance this with school holidays. (Inkheart is out on DVD and the children have money from one of their godmothers, so they’ve asked me to spend it on said film. So I’m spending the morning with them and this afternoon I have a guaranteed 90 minutes of working time. Bad parent? No. One who's trying to juggle and please everyone...)

And because I am on deadline and panicking just a little bit, am trying to flatten the crows. Here’s what lovely Debbie Wiley had to say about The Children’s Doctor’s Special Proposal over at Book Illuminations:

Katrina Gregory is determined never to get involved with a colleague again. Rhys Morgan doesn’t think he is capable of loving relationships. However, the attraction between the two of them is unmistakable, even as their very different perspectives clash. Can Katrina and Rhys find a happy medium for the love blossoming between them to flourish?

THE CHILDREN’S DOCTOR’S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is a sweet story that shows love growing and maturing. Kate Hardy doesn’t pressure her characters into falling in love but instead allows it to develop naturally. THE CHILDREN’S DOCTOR’S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is a love story in its purest form. The relationship between Katrina and Rhys is the central focus of the story without any other distractions. This technique allows the reader to really focus on the emotional impact of the storyline as Katrina and Rhys have to do some very weighty soul searching.

Kate Hardy also tackles a very sensitive subject in THE CHILDREN’S DOCTOR’S SPECIAL PROPOSAL. Katrina has a hearing impairment but it doesn’t stop her from being one heck of a doctor! Her past relationship has left her with fears about her hearing, but Kate Hardy shows another perspective through the eyes of Rhys. One scene in particular involving a cello is especially romantic.

THE CHILDREN’S DOCTOR’S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is just as the title promises. Kate Hardy delivers a superb romance that resonates beautifully with the reader. Bravo, Ms. Hardy!

Thank you, Debbie, for making my day and reminding me that I could write at one point. (Hopefully I can do it again. Having a bit of a crow attack this morning…)

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Jan Jones said...

Kate, you ought to be too busy to even notice the crows are there! Lovely review and again, well deserved.

Oh, and I gobbled up Louise's The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst as soon as it hit the shelves. I agree entirely with you - wonderful stuff.