Wednesday, September 17, 2008

organised again

Current work: tidying office and doing outlines
Listening to: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (and my condolences to Rick Wright’s family)
Reading: Jessica Hart, Last-Minute Proposal (I enjoyed this. I especially liked the heroine. And her job. And the challenge she gave the hero. And it was so, so, SO nice to kick back and read, last night.)

Well, I’m tidy again. Ish. As much as I get, anyway. I have a file full of church guidebooks (this is research for three different nonfics), a pile of newspapers which I must go through to remove the articles and file them in my PR file, and a smaller pile of Things To Do (but none of them has a screaming deadline, so they can wait until Monday).

This means I can go away tomorrow with a clear conscience. Am looking forward to London. Meeting friends, chilling out, and thinking time on the train. And a chance to see my lovely editor. And staying overnight with my best friend.

Best of all, I get time in which I need to work on my new outlines. My work schedule has changed slightly on the fiction front (can’t talk about it yet – that’s not the thing I was teasing about last week, either), and I woke up with a new book in my head this morning. It’s a bit dark, and the setting might be a problem. (I’d love to research it personally, but this is the wrong time of year. Now there’s a clue *g*) As the saying goes, ‘it’s all in the execution’ – and I really, really want to write this book. So hopefully I can do some persuasion tomorrow…

Have also been doing a bit on the geneaology stuff. DH has a great-uncle with a really unusual name – Zaccheus. Now, if I have this right, isn’t he one of the evil tax collectors in the Bible? Which makes it a very unusual name for a boy whose job was (according to the 1901 census) feeding the stock on a dairy farm.

Righty. Back on Friday (or maybe Monday) with pics and a full report on London.


liz fenwick said...

have fun in London and I hope someone bites on the proposal :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe Zacchaeus was very short -perhaps there's a clue there! Gillie B x

Diane said...

Yes, have a good trip. You could do with the break, and a nice pampering one at that.