Thursday, September 11, 2008

Food for thought (and a winner)

Current work: nonfic; MH duo book 2
Listening to: Manic Street Preachers
Reading: (I will pick up another book soon… need to finish mine first)

Not a good start to the day: son couldn’t find his school polo shirt (er, what happened to getting his stuff ready, the night before?). And as there are two shirts in the wash, that means there should be one in his wardrobe… but no. It’s vanished. We have to go buy some more tonight – and they’re the ones with the school logo on, sigh, so there’s only one supplier - better hope they have stock. (Also need to get a guitar book for Madam.)

Then it was the school run, and my central locking decided not to work. By the time DH could get home with the spare car key, the kids would both be late for school. Ouch.

I rang DH to see if he had any ideas why it wasn’t working. He told me to use the key to get in manually. Er… there isn’t a lock. ‘Yes, there is. Go round the passenger side.’ (What a STUPID place to put the door lock – why not on the passenger side?) ‘Don’t lock the car at all. Meet me at work, I’ll swap keys with you, and I’ll replace the batteries in yours.’

So far, so good. And it wasn’t raining so it didn’t matter that neither child would have a coat.

Then Kate Dopey locks the car at school without thinking about it…

...and the central locking decided to work again. Could be the battery. DH also has a theory that sometimes the signal is faulty. (His did it yesterday, apparently.) But he’s going to get me a new battery anyway. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself, but am in deadline and have a lot of other stuff that needs sorting out, including a meeting with the claims guy this afternoon. Hopefully this means things will start moving again. (It would be so nice to get my flooring back. Poor dog is thoroughly fed up with the dehumidifier and refuses to go in the kitchen when it’s on.)

I did however come back to a really nice email from one of my friends, who sent me these hilarious Maxine cartoons. They’re incredibly witty; hats off to John Wagner, the creator.

There was some food for thought at the end that I’d like to share here:

  • Be kinder than necessary: for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
  • The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind.
  • The secret to happiness is a good sense of humour and a bad memory.

Very wise words. I am a great believer in kindness.

Righty. Prize winner. Lisa, please can you email me with your surname and snailmail addy? kate(.)hardy(@)btinternet(.)com (obviously lose the brackets - am trying to avoid spam!)

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