Wednesday, September 24, 2008

noise, noise and more noise

Current work: Little Book of Norfolk (aka comfort writing)
Listening to: Bach
Reading: The Shocking Lord Standon, Louise Allen (great characterisation – lovely to get the heroines from her last two in there, too – and Gareth is a gorgeous hero. Had me laughing out loud for the right reasons – great fun)

I think you can replace the word ‘noise’ with another word, aka my summer holiday song. Sigh.

Meeting with the insurance company wasn’t good. Holes drilled in my floor, admonishment about the dehumidifier (er – I’m no expert on damp management, so I left it where the previous expert put it), and the new regime means we have to keep all the doors closed except the one between the kitchen and the downstairs hall, and the one leading to the downstairs loo. Noise, noise and more noise. Thinking, with industrial fans on the go, is… a little tricky.

Honeymoon period at school is now officially over. Not blogging about it, but I do hope I don’t have to go in again tomorrow. I have two mantras this week: ‘Patience, Grasshopper’ and ‘Be Nice’ (more is achieved by charm and calmness than by ranting and shouting). Having said that, I’m not going to stand by and watch my child close to tears for something that is NOT his fault. (There is SO much ignorance about ADHD. It is NOT an excuse. It’s something you need to know about so you can work round it.)

Guitar yesterday – went well, and am doing some tricky Dowland.

Son’s homework last night was all on family history, so he wanted to know all about the research I’ve been doing. Sat down with him and talked him through it; showed him the census returns (he was fascinated), printed off a pic of his great-great-great-grandfather, and I think he enjoyed doing that particular bit of homework.

Plan for today: well, I’ve squeezed in a teensy bit of work. Need to fill the car and run errands for Dad before I take him out (might need to remind him that I don’t run on time nowadays). And I might squeeze some more work in afterwards. Am messing about with the closest deadline – today I’m finding nonfic more soothing than fiction. And I’m learning a lot about flora, fauna and… what’s bird life? Avi-something-or-other? Feathers, anyway. (Grey cells are sluggish, this morning.)

My talk at Borders on 29 October (right near Hallowe’en, so you can guess which book it’s about) is on the Norwich store’s event page here. (It’s in date order, so I’m right at the end.)


Nicolette said...

If it makes you feel any better, Kate, I'm having similar probs with my youngest's school, too. Jack has not officially been diagnosed with ADHD (they refuse to, until he turns 6) but is having huge problems settling in. Today they told me he's being very naughty and refuses to sit on the carpet with the other children. Erm...they want him to sit still? Duh! Loads of other issues - school not received paediatric reports, etc, etc, and I could go on forever.
Just wanted to say, I know how you feel and you're not alone. Big hugs to you and your littlies.

Judy Jarvie said...

(Hugs) ((((Kate and son)))

Had to send you hugs because I am going through this in P1. No fun. Our daughter has lots of other issues too and now it seems ADHD medication is being yelled slash panic screamed for. After only four weeks in school, she's just turned six and we already delayed a year so here comes the fun!

It's the telling comments that hurt the most. Sometimes I want to say - don't you think I've noticed and lived with this then? Do you think you're enlightening me? All the kids tell tales on how she'd behaved each day, which hurts worse. Like everyone's entitled to police her.

It's a comfort to know that others go through these trials. Love will save the day, but it still hurts.


Amy Andrews said...

Hugs on the floor holes and teacher woes...

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nicolette. Been there with eldest. I found that copying EVERYTHING to the senco at school really helped (meant when we had LEA issues we worked as a team and had our evidence).

Littlest doesn't have any of these problems and has social skills. Eldest... bless him, he tries, ans he's worked v hard. Most of the new school is fine about it. Just ONE teacher (who may be meeting me later this week, if it carries on - in a nice way, or at least I'll start out nice, just firm, as in "look, this is the way to get the best out of this child and make your life easier"). The head of year's assistant seemed to be on my wavelength and was very kind to son, so am happy that things will be done. This is very much one of my hot buttons, though!

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs to you, too, Judy. I know the system is different up your way, but full-time 1-2-1 was BRILLIANT for us. (We're not using any medication - but he is on Eye-Q, which does help the concentration side.)

It will get better. Our issue is just with one teacher (who may understand more after the SENCO talks to her!!) and one bully (who is now on a second warning, and I am going to keep very on top of this).

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - thanks :o) The guy did have a gorgeous voice. Just... an attitude. I know now why I don't write arrogant heroes *g*

Jan Jones said...


And (((hugs))) to Nicolette and Judy too.

I'll add another mantra, Kate. "A smile wins more than a frown, but a left uppercut doesn't half make you feel better."

Nell said...

Hugs, to you and Nicolette and Judy too. So far so good with my middle, she's the happiest at school that she's been for years and the Senco really appears so far to have convinced her teachers to present information to her in a format she can understand and retain - fingers crossed it carries on.
It's very draining tho when you have to fight the same battle over and over again