Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Under a blood-red sky

Current work: TCVB and coding website
Listening to: various
Reading: Ian McEwan, On Chesil Beach (I still think he’s unsympathetic towards his characters – almost smug – didn’t enjoy this one as much as Saturday or Black Dogs); Jennifer Crusie, Charlie All Night (think maybe I was too tired to enjoy it last night)

Was working when I became aware that the light was rather odd. Went outside and discovered the sky was an amazing colour (this pic isn’t retouched or enhanced in any way):

Will be interesting to see whether this is the colour the moon turns during the eclipse tomorrow night.

Plan for today: guitar, work, Madam’s swimming lesson, work.


Michelle Styles said...

Thanks for reminding me about tonight's moon. Now if the fog will just lift.
It is good to see that you are having odd skies down inNorfolk as well.

Kate Hewitt said...

I read On Chesil Beach and I found it the same--he's so distant from his characters, looking down on them with this offputting pity!

Enjoy your sky...


Kate Hardy said...

It's tomorrow night, Michelle - strictly speaking, 3.30am Thursday morning. (Now, will DH go bananas if I set the alarm? *g*) Hope your fog lifted as quickly as ours did.

Kate - thank you, I was beginning to wonder if it was just me.

Lou Gagliardi said...

The same thing happened here in Pennsylvania at 5:35 pm. The sun looked like it was rising not setting and we all thought it was bizarre

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Kate. Beautiful sky.

Can't comment about Chesil Beach but I loved Charlie All Night.

Jan Jones said...

There's probably some dry, wordy scientific reason for why the sky goes lovely colours from time to time. I'm so glad I'm a romantic novelist.

...however, current hero is a meteorologist ... hmm, small lightbulb flicker ...

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - bizarre, but very pretty.

Amy - thanks, will give it more of a go tonight.

Jan - I like to know the science but I can still enjoy the picture :o) I have some good meteorology books if you want to borrow them (research from my stormchaser book) - depends tho if you're doing contemporary or historical.