Sunday, February 17, 2008

Your clue in the Modern Heat Treasure Hunt

Assuming you visited Anne Oliver before me (and if you didn’t, go back now!), I’m the next stop on the MH Authors’ Valentine’s Treasure Hunt.

I’m giving away a copy of In Bed with Her Italian Boss (my April US release - you can get an early copy from the eharlequin website next month – click on the link in the sidebar to the left). This book was known as Breakfast at Giovanni’s in the UK and Australia, and, um, caused a rather nice splash. (I should add, I haven’t had my US copies yet so I’ll be sending a UK cover – the contents are the same but the cover is a little different.)

What you do is have a look over here to find out about the book (and you can read the first bit too, if you like), make a note of the answer to the question below, then head over to the next author’s blog to collect their clue. At the end of the month, send ALL the answers to and you’ll be entered in the draw to win all the books.

My question is: which award did this book win on 4 February 2008?

Next stop from me is lovely Heidi Rice, who met me for coffee before the awards do and made sure I didn’t spill it over myself (trust me… I do that sort of thing) - and if you want to reminds yourself of the 12 fabulous books up for grabs, have a look at Sensational Romance. Happy hunting :o)

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