Thursday, August 01, 2013

lots of exciting things!

Current work: just finished revising #58 (Med continuity), about to start #59 (Rom – Mediterranean prince) and working on a idea that refused to go away and isn’t a romance, but… hey, I’m rolling with it
Listening to: Muse
Reading: next on TBR (recently, have enjoyed Jojo Moyes’ ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ and several by Sarah Mayberry)
Gym: cardio (this week, new PB on squats – 40kg)

So today is my wedding anniversary – 21 years. Happy anniversary, honey.

I think I look a bit of a zombie in this pic, but then I had been awake since 5am and this was taken mid-afternoon. And my hair is dark because there’s a ton of hairspray on it to keep the curls in place :o)

What other exciting things are going on?

Baloo (#57) has been accepted. I’m still waiting to hear about the release date and title (though I am trying bribery and corruption and promising to make lots of cake for the office if they let me keep my working title). So I get to buy the Pandora bead for it today. I need something with a star.

We’re also partway through painting the house. Pretty much the same colour scheme, but just making everything look fresher. And the teenagers are helping, bless them :o) But that’s the next week and a half taken up…

Ballroom dancing is still going well – learned a couple of new steps in the cha cha cha (the Turkish Towel and the zig-zag shoulder-to-shoulder).

Gym – going nicely and am enjoying Zumba and Jazz.

Have a nice day! (I have pink champagne and cake planned - hope your day will be as good).

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Heidi Rice said...

A belated Happy anniversary Kate! Hope you had fun (and dancing was involved)