Monday, August 12, 2013


Current work: working on M&B #59 (Rom – Mediterranean prince) and two other projects
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: next on TBR (recently, have enjoyed Nicola Cornick’s ‘Forbidden’ – great read)
Gym: cardio – zumba and jazz dance tonight

So what’s been happening so far in the summer holidays? Lots of painting (mainly by DH and son). Curtain shopping (mainly by daughter and me). Leaning on wet paint (dog). Archery (son and DH).

There have also been trips to the seaside. (This is Mundesley, on the North Norfolk coast.)

And some scoffing of nice food (total serendipity – the queue at the new fish and chip shop in Cromer was quite long, so we decided to go to one of the nearby pubs instead, and guess what was on the specials board? Result: one happy Kate).

Other than that, I’m waiting on revisions for #58, working on the next one, and tinkering with a couple of other projects. (Course I can write three books at the same time. A change is as good as a rest, right?)

Oh, and new hair. Still cappuccino.


Lorix said...

Love the hair Kate, it's a really pretty colour. Beautiful; picture of the Norfolk coastline - obviously great minds think a like as I posted pictures of Hunstanton on my blog earlier on! The coastline and North sea is just too beautiful not to photograph, isn't it?

Mary Preston said...

I like the hair. Gorgeous colour.

I'm also liking the look of the seafood.