Thursday, August 22, 2013

A milestone day

Current work: working on M&B #59 (Rom – Mediterranean prince) and two or three other projects (focus, Kate Hardy, focus…)
Listening to: Passenger, All the Little Lights
Reading: next on TBR
Gym: cardio today (aka much sweating); 121 with weights/circuits tomorrow

Today has been a milestone day. I can honestly say that waiting for your child’s exam results is far, far, FAR worse than waiting for your own :o)

But I’m thrilled to say that my eldest has passed all his exams and will be going to sixth form in September to study maths, physics, chemistry and history. He’s busy tonight and DH is busy tomorrow night, so we’re going out to celebrate properly on Saturday. But we also went out to lunch today for a kind of mini-celebration. (I’m one for celebrating life as much as possible. I think it’s important to celebrate the good times.)

On the work front, I need to get some tension simmering between the hero and heroine in book 59, work out the rest of the outline for book 60, and write a little more on the other projects. But I like the way they’re shaping up.

Other than that, we have a wasp’s nest being removed tomorrow, and I’m researching guitar amplifiers (for my lovely blue electric – at the moment I’m torn between a Roland Cube and an Orange Crush, but I need to hear them both in action before I can make a proper decision).

Oh, and I have a title for Baloo – ‘Behind the Film Star’s Smile’. Out April 2014 in the US, and I’m not sure when elsewhere.


Sharon Kendrick said...

Congratulations to your son - what fantastic news.
Totally agree that life is to be celebrated - and you always describe your celebrations so beautifully! :-)

Mary Preston said...

Your son did very well!!! It's important to celebrate life's victories.